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Frequently Asked Questions

Our best recommendation is to have your external and internal windows cleaned during spring and fall to avoid damaging them. But yes, we can still clean your interior windows during winter. Our highly experienced technicians are using a special solution with no harmful chemicals to clean interior windows. For exterior window cleaning, we need to consider the weather on the day of the job, to avoid any damage.

We strongly recommend having your eavestroughs cleaned at least twice a year; during spring and fall, ideally.

Absolutely. While gutter covers are installed to prevent debris from entering your rain gutters, we still recommend gutter cleaning at least once every one or two years to make sure that no roof shingles, or any particles are blocking the eavestroughs.

First, we remove blockages of dirt and other particles from your existing gutter covers, clean your eavestroughs (including the covers). Once your gutter guards and eavestroughs are cleaned, we will then put the gutter guards back on. This process requires keen attention to details and takes longer than cleaning gutters without covers, but this will also reduce the amount of cleaning needed in the long term.

Clean eavestroughs allow us to thoroughly assess your gutter system, identify any issues, and provide a proposal to resolve, not just the current problem, but also the root cause. We are sending detailed inspection reports via email for every gutter cleaning job at no additional cost.

Drip edge is a metal flashing installed at the edges of the roof to keep water away from your fascia and from getting underneath your roofing components. If your roof doesn’t have a drip edge, water gets behind your gutters and rots out both your fascia board and roof decking. Drip edge prevents serious damage on your roof and helps prolong its lifespan.

Downspouts are vertical pipe attachments that move water out of your gutters and away from your property to empty safely into a separate drainage system. Larger downspouts are perfect for managing heavy rainfall and help decrease the pressure on the guttering system. This will allow your gutters to become long-lasting.

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