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High-Quality Gutter Installation for Ottawa Home Owners

Gutter guards have both pros and cons and may or may not be the right solution, depending on your home’s design and location.

Gutter guards can be effective in reducing the amount of debris in your eavestroughs, especially if your home is close to large trees. But not all guards are created equal, so it’s important to choose the right product. Properly installed, high-quality guards can help keep both large and small pieces of debris out of your gutters while also working well in heavy rain. The wrong type of guard can reduce the efficiency of your gutters and make cleaning more difficult.

gutter guards

Reducing the Frequency of Gutter Cleaning

One of the biggest benefits of gutter guards is that they can reduce how often you need to clean your gutters, although you will still have to clean them from time to time. While convenience is the biggest benefit, there are other advantages, such as reducing blockages that can result in water overflowing the gutter and pooling beside your foundation.

Contact Clear Ottawa for a free, no-obligation assessment to see if gutter guards are the right solution for you.

drip edge installation

Drip Edge: Make Your Current Gutters More Efficient

Drip edge is an L-shaped piece of aluminum that goes under the roof and into the gutter to direct rainwater into the eavestrough. To ensure maximum effectiveness, we use a 3″ drip edge, which is longer than standard.

A good drip edge is essential to a properly functioning eavestrough system. When there is no drip edge, the water can drop between the gutter and the fascia or, worse, back up into your attic.

Many leak issues are caused because the drip edge is insufficient—or worse, was never installed at all.

man cleaning gutters

Why Clear Ottawa Is the Right Choice for Gutter Guards and Drip Edge

  • No run-around. We answer the phone, schedule appointments promptly, and show up on time.
  • Higher-quality materials. We never cut corners. We use large-diameter downspouts, thicker-gauge aluminum, and a longer drip edge to ensure your eavestrough system works better and lasts longer.
  • Expert workmanship. Our staff are all carefully chosen and fully trained employees of Clear Ottawa—no subcontractors. We care about doing the job right.
  • Peace of mind. We carry $6 million in liability insurance—well above the industry average—and all staff have received working at heights and other key training, such as WHMIS and boom lift operation.
  • Service you can trust. We say what we’ll do, and do what we say. We want you to be glad you chose us, and we’ll do everything we can to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Make the right choice. Contact Clear Ottawa today to book your gutter cleaning.

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