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Gutter Cleaning: An Essential Part of Home Maintenance

When debris collects in gutters and downspouts, it can inhibit or completely stop the flow of water away from your home. Clogged gutters also increase the risk of ice dams, which can cause significant damage. That’s why gutters should be cleared twice a year: once in the spring and once in the fall. While you can save money doing it yourself, it is not a simple task and can be dangerous, so be sure you follow proper ladder safety techniques.

hand with leaves from gutter

Let Us Take Care of Gutter Cleaning So You Don’t Have To!

The safest option is to hire the gutter-cleaning professionals at Clear Ottawa to handle this chore for you. Here are some of the benefits of regular gutter cleaning:

Extends the life of your gutters — When debris builds up, it can greatly increase the weight of your gutters and cause them to loosen or detach from your house. Regular gutter cleaning decreases the likelihood of significant repairs or outright replacement.

Protects your home’s fascia — Fascia boards are mounted below your gutter and hold the gutter in place. Blocked gutters will cause water to overflow which, over time, can rot the fascia boards and greatly reduce their lifespan.

Helps reduce future problems — Our cleaning process includes a free inspection of your eavestroughs to ensure they are securely fastened and properly sealed against leaks. If necessary, and with your approval, we can often take care of minor repairs on the spot. No need to call another expert.

Reduces pests — Blocked gutters allow water to pool in the eavestroughs, creating the ideal environment for mosquitoes to breed. Flowing water helps keep mosquitoes at bay.

Saves money — Gutter cleaning is an affordable option and a good way to avoid spending money on preventable repairs.

guy on ladder cleaning gutter

Why Clear Ottawa Is the Right Choice for Gutter Cleaning

  • No run-around. We answer the phone, schedule appointments promptly, and show up on time.
  • Expert workmanship. Our staff are all carefully chosen and fully trained employees of Clear Ottawa—no subcontractors. We care about doing the job right.
  • Peace of mind. We carry $6 million in liability insurance—well above the industry average—and all staff have received working at heights and other key training, such as WHMIS and boom lift operation.
  • Service you can trust. We say what we’ll do, and do what we say. We want you to be glad you chose us, and we’ll do everything we can to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Make the right choice. Contact Clear Ottawa today to book your gutter cleaning.

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