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Our Pledge to Hire for Happiness

Bruce Hulse | CEO | Clear Ottawa Windows

We, at Clear Ottawa Windows, believe in the universal principle that everyone has an unconditional right to pursue and achieve happiness, whatever that may mean. We also believe that one has a better chance of achieving happiness by also contributing to the success and happiness of others.

Thus, we, at Clear Ottawa Windows, are firm believers that the surest road to success and happiness is paved with an uncompromising desire to (1) achieve one’s life goals, and (2) help others to achieve their own life goals or dreams. Therefore, in our efforts to bring in more dedicated group members who will contribute to our expansion and success, we are committed to complying with the following principles:


We shall ideally select applicants who are driven by personal life goals or plans, knowing that it is a natural condition to being able to enjoy work, to demonstrate measurable performance, and to persist through difficulties and challenges.


A primary condition for selecting people shall be their ability to recognize our dedication to also contribute to their overall success and happiness, rather than to just provide them with short-term financial benefit.


Applicants shall also be evaluated and selected by their genuine intention and devotion to contributing to the success and happiness of others, whether it be the success and happiness of their employers, partners, peers or anyone else actively involved in their [new] group, and also based on their understanding that:


Happiness can occur only when ALL involved parties are unconditionally committed to strict compliance with, and the pursuit of, such principles as stated above. Thus,


We shall give preference of employment to applicants who are committed to the natural enforcement of such principles of universal right, and who can provide evidence of their willingness and capacity to contribute to our profitable success AND to our higher goals of social responsibility—including a genuine desire to contribute to our community and the happiness of our own group members.

Current Positions

Window Cleaner and Gutter Technician

The ideal candidate will have experience cleaning windows, with a driver’s license and their own vehicle.
Period: Needed primarily for the residential and commercial market in Ottawa starting in April 2019

We offer:

  • Starting salary: $17 – $24 per hour, depending on experience PLUS commission
  • $2,000 signing bonus after 4 months
  • Fuel allowance
  • Positive work environment
  • Lots of variety we do not stay at any one site for more than a few hours
  • Professionalism: Learn how to be the best in the city
  • Bonuses

We are looking for:

  • Must have a valid driver’s license (at least G2 preferable G) Must have attention to detail
  • Honesty and pride in your work
  • Hard worker
  • Integrity
  • Leadership
  • Team player
  • Positive mental attitude

Job Type: Part-time and Full-time

Salary: $17 to $24 per hour to start

Please email your Resume and Cover Letter to with Window Cleaning Technician as the subject. Only qualified candidates will be contacted.

Please apply today!

Contact Clear Ottawa Windows Today!