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Rainy window

Can You Clean Your Windows in the Rain

On average it rains 39% of the time in Ottawa. That’s roughly 141 days of the year.  This means that if you cannot clean your windows in the rain for 141 days of the year, there would be many dirty windows in Ottawa. Many of our customers are concerned when we show up to clean their windows on a rainy day, so we would like to shed some light on the matter. Our goal is for our customers to be thrilled with the service we offer, whether rain or shine.

Contrary to the notion that many have been told or have passed on, it is not the rain that makes your windows dirty. In fact many window cleaners will actually harvest rainwater and use it for cleaning windows. Rainwater is pure, deionized, and contains only minute amounts of salts and minerals, making it excellent as a glass cleaner because it leaves no marks.

What Makes Windows Dirty

Rain does not make dirty windows, dirt does. Actually, rainwater helps to prevent dirt in the air from settling on your windows. Dirt on your windows can originate from lawnmowers, leaf blowers, tree pollen, car exhaust, bird droppings, and many other sources. When it settles on the glass it is one uniform layer, which you can rarely notice. After it rains however the raindrops change the pattern of the dirt and the result is dirty-looking windows.

Another factor that makes windows dirty is dirt from siding and window frames. When rain falls it will make the dirt from your window frames or siding run down on to the windows. Often this is the main cause for dirty windows.

Most window cleaners will only clean your windows, however Clear Ottawa includes cleaning your window frames with our service. We also offer an excellent soft wash service, that will ensure your siding wont ruin your clean windows.

Worker Safety

The danger of getting your windows cleaned in the rain is increased potential for injury. Rain makes ladder rungs, siding, and the ground around your home slippery. A small slip on a ladder is the cause of countless workplace injuries.

Make sure that when you hire a window cleaning company they are fully insured for accidents and injuries. If they are not, they could potentially come after you. Those are bills that you do not need, nor do you need that on your conscience.

By choosing Clear Ottawa, we take safety of our crew very seriously. Our team is fully insured and protected. We will clean your windows if it is lightly raining, however if it is a torrential downpour, we may reschedule your service for a better day.

Bottom Line, rain water will not make your clean windows dirty. Cleaning windows in the rain is as effective as a sunny day. Your windows will inevitably get dirty over time, the key to making sure they stay clean longer, is by getting them cleaned regularly. Book your next appointment online, or give us a call.

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