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Your Home Doesn’t Lie

Our homes tell others a lot about us. It has been said that our home is a reflection of who we are. What do we want our home to tell people? Our decorative design, our interests and who and what we surround ourselves with.

Also among these is the cleanliness of our homes. What does that tell onlookers? That we are hardworking and interested not only in our own investment but in the overall reputation of our neighbourhood. In fact if someone sees that your windows are dirty, they may think that the interior of your property is, too.

Cleaning your windows is an essential part of the aesthetics of your home. However did you know that the aesthetic appeal is only a small reason why you should clean your windows?

Brighten Up Your World

Natural light in a living room

Your windows are what provides the natural light into your home. Since life depends on light, let’s get that light shining! Research has proven that natural lighting helps people be more productive, happier, healthier and calmer. It is also proven to regulate some disorders including seasonal affective disorder. Besides all the health benefits, in some homes it has decreased the energy costs of homes up to 75%. Are you feeling happier yet?

Why not let that light in instead of letting it get blocked by dirty windows?

Besides these facts, in this article we are going to discuss 3 important reasons why you should regularly clean your windows.

1) Glass Longevity

The main reason for cleaning your windows is because it extends longevity of the glass. Neglecting this important maintenance can cause unseen damage to the untrained eye. Over time dirt and grime left on a window will etch itself into the glass just like a worm working its way into the soil. These embedded debris, dirt, dust and grime can even cause scratches and stains to your glass.

Living in the Ottawa area you are aware of the frequent temperature fluctuations. It can be -30 in our winters to +30 in summer months. These fluctuations can cause windows to shrink and expand, etching in dirt and grime.

Water Stains on glass

2) Exterior Frames

Clean Frames

The frames encasing your windows collect and hold dirt and grime, getting chalky and dirty, which can even make the cleanest windows look terrible.  However cleaning them is important for other reasons. When you open the window where does all the dust and dirt from the frames go? You got it, right in your home.

Then there is the oxidized dirt, vehicle exhaust, moss and spiders that make their home on your frames. When rain comes, all that debris ends up all overs your windows. Hopefully you didn’t just clean the glass without cleaning the frames. By getting your frames cleaned along with your windows you can maintain the color and contrast while also saving you money. Clean frames mean clean windows, the two go hand in hand.

3) Interior Tracks and Seals

Cleaning the tracks and inside rubber seals is essential to a windows efficiency. Cleaning your window tracks is a labor intensive process with all the corners and grooves. We may dislike it so much that we put it off endlessly, and sometimes refrain from doing it entirely. However, as dirt builds up in the tracks, it prevents smooth movement of your windows opening and closing.

We all have that one window in the house that we don’t even try to open. Track cleaning may be all you need to get that window moving smoothly again. To prevent you having hot summer drafts, and warm air escaping in winter, a thorough cleaning of the rubber gasket is vital.

It is common for many to think they only need to clean the outside windows, and inside windows can be cleaned less often. However, it is quite the opposite, both the exterior and interior window panes need regular cleaning, for optimal efficiency and natural light. Take our bodies as an example, cleaning is needed on the inside even more importantly then the outside.

In Conclusion

Regularly cleaning the windows on your home is an important aspect of the regular maintenance. Either you should budget for it, or if you have the skill set and right tools clean them yourself. Not only does clean windows provide aesthetic appeal to your home, but as we have learnt it can save you money.

Finally, can you put a price on overall happiness and health? Yes start smiling more with increased natural light in your home.  That means more smiles from you and from everyone that enters your home.

If your among the majority, who don’t have the right tools or knowledge to complete this job, give Clear Ottawa a call or get a free estimate online. Our fully insured and trained professionals will give your windows, frames and tracks an overhaul. Let us give you a more “Clear Ottawa”.

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