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storefront of power washing

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by it cover, this is very valid. However when it comes to your storefront customers are looking and they are judging whether they should step inside. Make sure that your potential customers take the leap from street to take a peek. Lets consider 3 tips to giving your business a step up in your customers eyes.

Signage and Information

A lack of signage or information for your business can actually deter customers. If they don’t know your open or understand what you sell or provide they will keep on going. So make sure that you have clearly explained from the storefront what you provide. Keep your signage well lit and simple to read even if you were driving by.

Do you have any promotions or perks? By having signage up that promotes your sale, you give people a reason to step inside and at least ask about your sale. Once they are in the store they may be intrigued enough to stay a while peruse. If you have free WiFi, let people know by placing a sticker on the door or window.

Another pet peeve that many have expressed is when a store does not have their hours of business posted. This helps customers plan for when they can return if your closed or if they want to bring their friends and family back. In this modern world it is as important to have your hours posted on your google business page as well. You will reach a far greater audience by getting your business hours on google.

business hours signage


Have you ever been walking by a store and inside you see an employee standing in an empty store looking at their phone? It looks bad, is bad for business and sends a poor message to potential customers. Make sure employees appear to be busy and friendly, even if the store is empty. Whether it means doing some dusting, cleaning, moving items around the store and so forth.

Keeping your employees busy will also prevent them from pouncing in the first person who enters your store. If you have ever been a victim of an overly excited employee you know the feeling. Balance is needed. Give employees a little training so they reach that balance.


Just because this is third on the list, it is by no means less important. In fact cleanliness of your business contributes to 32% of customer retention according to State System Inc. At least one in three customers will do business depending on the cleanliness of your store. Its one thing if you have finger marks on the door or windows in between cleans. However if the overall state of the interior and exterior of your store is dirty, customers may walk right out and never come back again. Since 80% of customers have admitted to shopping elsewhere if they are unsatisfied with their shopping experience, make sure you leave them wanting to return.

How can you achieve a cleaner store?

Man Cleaning Storefront

Soft Washing is an excellent method that can make those dirty sidewalks come out looking brand new again. Pressure Washing is another method that can be used for cleaning up your awnings and siding with ease. Window Washing will take even an old window and make it look new. If your shop has any window displays, clean windows are essential for drawing in customers.

Now you could rent the equipment and handle these tasks yourself, but be aware, using pressure washers can quickly cause damage to your store. Instead of running the risk, give Clear Ottawa Windows a call. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service. While we are their we can also clean up your interior and exterior windows and make them shine like new again.

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