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Thinking of putting your home on the market this season? Make sure that you get the most for your home by increasing its resale value. The purpose of this article is to give some statistics about home improvements for increasing the value of your home. We are also going to explore why cleaning is time and again the biggest bang for your buck.


Between eating and meal preparation the kitchen very often is one of the most lived in rooms of your home. Since so much time is enjoyed in the kitchen, people that are looking at buying your home are going to be looking closely at it. They will look at functionality, cupboard layout, and counter tops. Its common though for many to overspend on kitchen renovations. The average kitchen renovation can run you anywhere from $12,000 – $30,000 depending on your taste and size of kitchen. However, the facts show that you get only 80% back what you have put in. Now compared to most other renovations that’s a good return, but can you do better?


 As in the case of the kitchen much time is spent in the bathroom. It is a room that cleanliness and functionality is appreciated. This is also an area that you can go overboard on renovating. On average a person can spend $3,000 – $7,500 and that’s not accounting for a master bathroom. These can run you upwards of $12,000 or more. Sadly however the return on bathroom renovations have only seen a 50-60% return rate. That’s unimpressive considering other more valuable options. So what has been proven to give the best returns?


 First impressions are important. When a potential buyer shows up to look at your home, before they even step foot into your house, they are already looking for something to scrutinize. Why give them any excuse not offer you the full value of your home? Its been said that what the mind believes it will achieve. When it comes to your home if someone thinks its not clean, they may conclude the entire house is not maintained. They will offer you less than what your house if worth because of its cleanliness.

Give your house a little spa day by getting a softwash for your roof, siding or interlock driveway and patio. After that make sure you get your windows and gutters are cleaned. Cut the grass and trim up those hedges, and lay some fresh mulch.

Next move on to the inside. Natural light into your home is warm and inviting. Be sure to include interior window cleaning to your list.  If you have carpet, hire a carpet cleaner to give those rugs a refresh.

Cleaning may be the least expensive part, but one of the biggest returns for the money you invest. Notice what one Manhattan Real Estate agent said to the New York Times about selling a clean house vs one that was not cleaned. “Getting your home as clean as possible is absolutely something of the greatest importance, it really does pay off. I’ve seen the response of people walking into a home that hasn’t been cleaned……………and one that has. The difference, she added, is “night and day.”

According to Money Magazine here is the best return on investment (ROI) when selling a home.

graph of ROI


Preparing your home for selling can seem overwhelming, however as discussed not all renovations are going to bring you the return your looking for. Lets face it,  a potential buyer may or may not like what you did to the kitchen or bathroom. They might not even like the paint color you chose. However, cleaning has a subtle and drastic effect in making the house, overall, more appealing. It improves the feeling of the home and home buying is often emotional as well as practical. So rather than waste your time and money, take the right approach to your attack. Maintain the cleanliness of your home and will have the biggest returns.  The average price of the housing market in Ottawa is $440,000, which is an increase of 7% from last year. Make sure you get all of your value from your home by keeping your home clean and tidy. Your friends at Clear Ottawa Window Cleaning would be happy to help you get the most of your sale. We offer many cleaning options including soft washing, window cleaning and gutter cleaning. Let us get you the biggest bang for your buck with one or more of our cleaning services. Call us or check out our website.

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