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washing windows

Do you love to have clean windows, but hate cleaning them yourself? Well your not alone. DIY projects may save you money, but not time. Besides,  the results that you are desiring may not be achieved. Just when you think you have your windows cleaned, the sun shines and all you see are streaks and smudges.

If this hasn’t hindered you, maybe it’s the sheer thought of getting way up on your rickety ladder to clean the 2/3 floor windows. Honestly, you can’t afford to be off work because of a home injury. It’s way cheaper to hire a professional window cleaning company, than for you to be off work for months or worse.

If this is the point you at, we have just the article for you! We want to help you to choose the right window cleaning company. There are many companies to choose from in Ottawa. However, a word of caution, be careful not to choose a company with: 

  • Are Not Insured,
  • Little or No Experience,
  • Only Accept Cash,
  • Don’t Have A Long History of Reviews
  • Don’t Ask the Right Questions.

There 5 factors are important to consider during your hiring process:

Are They Insured?

It simply comes down to getting what you pay for. Window cleaning companies can’t be expected to provide a service below cost. Hiring a company that is insured with liability insurance and Workplace  Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) is a must. This assures they care not only for your home but also for their employees.

It simply comes down to getting what you pay for. Window cleaning companies can’t be expected to provide a service below cost. Hiring a company that is insured with liability insurance and Workplace  Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) is a must. This assures they care not only for your home but also for their employees.

The risks involved in window cleaning are high. For example, windows can range anywhere from $250-$15,000. One quick swipe of a razor can ruin your windows in seconds. It has happened even to the best of us, which illustrates the importance of proper insurance coverage. Other risks include the injury of workers on your property. If not covered by WSIB and liability insurance you could be held responsible, and that will cost you far more than any window cleaning service. Even the most expensive quotes.

This means that many of the bucket bobs that offer cheap work won’t make the cut, but its not worth risking your home or their safety.

Do They Have Experience?

man cleaning window

This is difficult in the window cleaning business. Normally with the trades you would ask if they had a red seal ticket or trade certificate. In the window world, there is no degree needed to wield a squeegee.

I too was once a student in the window cleaning business and I greatly appreciate the training I received. At the same time,  being left on the job to figure it out for yourself does not produce the greatest results. Likewise, hiring student companies who have little to no experience may not bring you the results you deserve. A reputable window cleaning company will make sure students have one on one training along side an experienced window cleaner.

Find out how long the company has been established for. Granted everyone has to start somewhere, however as the saying goes, time does tell. An established business has satisfied customers and there is a reason they are in business.

What Are Their Prices and Payment Options?

It may be appealing to look for the cheapest price but this is rarely the best option. Before choosing the cheapest price, make sure you know what your getting. For instance, does the price include cleaning the screens, window frames, and tracks? If it sounds too good to be true it probable is. How can a company charge you the same price for inside as they would for outside?  Simply, there is a lot more to clean on the inside such as tracks, screens, window cracks to name a few. Thus, if a company gives you the same price they are obviously cutting corners.  

A window washing company that is upfront about their services and costs, will be more likely to give you the service you expect. As a rule of thumb, it’s always best to agree on a price point before and clearly understand what is included.

In addition, it is wise to ask about a companies payment options. When companies ask for cash in hand only, they may be looking for loopholes for tax declaration. If they are willing to be dishonest with the government why would they stop with you? 

Check the Reviews

The internet is a great tool to help you make the right choice. Simply google “window cleaning company in Ottawa” and you will have a plethora of choices. Reading reviews may take a few minutes, but those are minutes well spent. Often customers who have been happy or unhappy with a companies work will give a accurate review.

google reviews

However, not all reviews are accurate.  You really need to read in-between the lines. Having many short and generic reviews can be a sign of fake reviews especially if they have been attained in a short period of time. Pro tip: look for reviews that have been made over the coarse of a one year period.   

While your online check and see if they have a website. This will often give you valuable information about the company, the services they offer and pictures of their work. If their not online and there under sixty best say until next time.

What Questions Do They Ask?

That’s right besides just checking them out online, phone up the company and make sure they ask you the right questions. What questions are we talking about?

When was the last time the windows were cleaned? How many windows do you have? Are you requiring interior and exterior cleaning? Would you like your screens cleaned as well? What type of windows do you have? Are there French panes or only regular pane windows?

Questions that you may want to ask are: what method of cleaning the windows do you use? You may find that they don’t even use squeegees, only water-fed poles. Are they and their employees insured? How many years of experience do they have.


We hope that you can use some of these tips when choosing your next window cleaning company. Don’t sweat it if you make the wrong choice the first time. That’s the great thing about windows, you can always clean them again this season.

With that in mind at Clear Ottawa we are a fully insured and licensed business. Together we have 36 plus years of experience in cleaning windows. Our prices are competitive, but we maintain our high standard of work before lower our prices. Check out our reviews on Google or visit our website where we have first hand testimonials from loyal customers. If you want to hear what we have to say, feel free to give us a call, and we will answer any question about our services.

Let in the natural light this fall so you can have a more Clear Ottawa.

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