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Ladder on a roof

There are some jobs involved in maintaining your home or business that you would rather not attempt to do it yourself (DIY). For example, most of us will leave the plumbing to the plumber. Let’s face it, that’s a job many don’t even want to look at never mind tackle themselves; however, if not properly inspected and managed can lead to costly damages.

Did You Know

Your roof and gutter system plays a vital role in removing excess water and debris away from your precious investment? But who has the time (or desire) to climb up the rickety ladder to check out the condition of your roof or clean out the gutters? I mean have you smelt that nasty gunk that comes out of there? Well, it isn’t a job for the plumber, but it is just as important to keep up with this maintenance.

Who are you going to call? Clear Ottawa Windows and their team of experienced professionals.

We offer free onsite visits and inspections for new and existing clients. The purpose of our inspection service is to examine your roofing and gutter systems and provide you with technical knowledge about preventative maintenance. It is our goal to help you maintain the value of your structure.

The Scope of Inspection

man inspecting roof
  • We will begin by examining the design of your roofing system. This will include determining the slope of your roof, which provides us with valuable information about what type of gutter is right for your roof.
  • Next is determining the water flow. This includes identifying if water is flowing off of the roof into the gutters, or if it is pooling in certain areas causing water intrusion.
  • We can help you determine if you need to think about a roof renovation if more roof vents are required. Another factor we consider is the color of your roof. The darker the color of your roof the more it decreases the lifespan.
  • The next portion of the visit will focus on the plumbing of your roof. Yes, I’m talking about the gutters. It may come as a surprise, but many of the roofs we inspect do not have a large enough gutters for the capacity of rainfall. Although this may not affect or damage your structure immediately, after months or years of build up can cause detrimental damage. For instance, gutters that are too small or that don’t have appropriate downspouts, will cause water to run over the gutters and regrade the ground below.  This leads water toward your home and the potential to crack your foundation. That is why we highly recommend the use of 3×3 as opposed to 3×2 downspouts, which provide much more water displacement.
  • Along with the size of the gutter system, we also inspect the greenery around your home and determine the effect these have on your gutter system. In some cases, we may recommend installing gutter guards, which would cut down immensely on leaves, needles, and debris blocking water flow.

Benefits of Calling Us

  • Besides offering a free inspection we can handle the maintenance work as well. This includes a soft wash of your roof enhancing the look of your home or business, and is essential for longevity, especially for a shingle roof.
  • Along with this is our gutter cleaning and repair service, which will ensure that what lands on your roof is quickly deterred off and away from your structure. Even if that means adjusting the slope of your gutters, we can make the adjustments for you. Ask us about our innovative zip hinge to save you from removing your downspouts every time you cut your grass. This device enables you to move your downspouts with ease so you can keep on cutting.
  • It may have crossed your mind, what your going to do with all the mess afterward? Not to worry, our team of experts also provide onsite cleanup, so that you’re not left picking up the pieces, so to speak.


You can put your mind at ease knowing that Clear Ottawa provides award winning professionals with over 30 years of knowledge in the industry. We won’t let you down. Contact us to get your onsite inspection today.

Contact Clear Ottawa Windows Today!